Huddersfield Used Group

Have you ever collected your vehicle from a service garage and wondered what the blazes you have just paid for?

Did they in fact do anything? Or if they did! Could you feel a difference in the drive quality of Vehicle, sadly more often than not, you can’t!

At Huddersfield Used Group we pride ourselves on an old fashioned style service and with our affordable Full Major Service Program nothing is excluded. We start with a thorough pre-service road test over 2 miles to evaluate your vehicles drive quality and identify any potentially worrying knocks, bangs or squeaks. Next it’s into the works shop and before leaving the drivers compartment we check the ergonomics, tell tale lights and the operation of all driver aids including the quality of the air-con. A full lighting check is carried out along with headlamp aim to make sure there is no blinding of other drivers!

Next it’s onto the ramp and the vehicle is given a close look at, your road wheels & tyres and a vigorous suspension and wheel bearing test. We take a look at everything under the vehicle in great detail. At this point we drain the engine oil and check transmission and final drive oil levels. We remove the road wheels. All the brakes are evaluated for wear and condition then we clean and adjust them. The road wheel centres and vehicle hub plates are cleaned and a good coat of copper slip grease is applied to both wheels and hubs to ensure ease of any future road wheel removal. Tyre pressures are calibrated to the manufacturer’s specification. All filters are changed including cabin air. Anti-freeze and brake fluid is changed as standard. Timing and Auxiliary drive belts are always checked and all levels topped up and of course on petrol vehicles new spark plugs are included in the price. Your engine is then filled with the correct specification motor oil. We then check around the perimeter of the vehicle checking ease of operation of door locks and handles lubricating as required.

A final road test for quality control is performed before returning your vehicle to the workshop for service light reset, the service book stamping and of course we finish with a clean up job as we respect your vehicle as much as we respect you!


** Diagnostic Special Offer – £19.95 **

We have diagnostic equipment, which enables us to find the most complex of vehicle electrical faults.

Diagnostic tests can be carried out on a while you wait basis!!


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